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Austria Vancouver Club (AVC)

The purpose of the AVC is to maintain and further the interest in the Austrian culture, language, tradition and folklore.
The AVC is politically non-partisan and financially independent. The independence is achieved only through the voluntary
work of the Executive, members of the sub-groups and general membership. We have been in existence since 1971.

We have dances happening usually every other Saturday (see the above events page) as well as family evenings on most Fridays.
All the dances have a live band playing Austrian and more general dance music. Our kitchen is usually open serving great Austrian food.
The family evenings are a chance to have dinner, play cards or socialize with others. We also have an air rifle range where you can practice your target shooting!
We also have a dance troupe, The Edelweiss Dancers and a group of singers called The Austria Vancouver Club Melody Choir.

RESERVATIONS or RENTALS -- Visit us on Facebook!